Amazing Grace Colorado

Set Free—My Chains Are Gone!

Community Transformation

We desire to see our community transformed.

Whew, that is such a grandiose statement! It can come off as arrogant or judgmental to those who feel 'they are just fine, thank-you'. It can be arrogant sounding to those who were here before we were. To those who just arrived and are still enamored by the great lifestyle here and as such have blinders on.

However, when that statement is viewed from heaven's perspective it becomes daunting.

Factually, community residents are living isolated lives on their two-acre plots with no-trespassing signs. Some have junk piled up due to their inability to remove it. Others are staying locked up inside and venturing out through the internet on social media. Many neighbors are in need but can't ask or receive help. There is no community center for gathering. Oddly, residents prefer to drive 10-15 miles into town to do their community socializing. There is a tremendous amount of bickering between neighbors. Much of it is on social media. Huh? Yelling at your neighbor through the internet?

Not everyone is living this way. There are some really nice homes and people. People who readily lend a hand to help their neighbor or pull someone out of the snowbank.

But the Community Transformation is not about physical homes as much as it is about hearts. The inner-man.

It's about seeing that inner-man transformed by the renewing of the mind. This is a work of the Spirit. He, directing the heart towards Jesus and transforming the person's life objectives. To be that neighbor helping the neighbor in a loving way. We want to see a joy-filled community. One where anger and hopelessness isn't the driving force. One with a spirit of thanksgiving and counting one's blessings. This is a love-driven force. Grace and peace being the default reaction.

Can it be?

One-Anothering is at the heart of all of this.

And the Community Church should be the center.