Amazing Grace Colorado

Set Free—My Chains Are Gone!

God Pursuing Me

After that bits and pieces started to fall into place. We could not afford the reception hall at the church; so, while sitting in a family bar/rib joint we frequented, we were discussing the issue. The owner stopped at our table and offered an upstairs room he never used. When asked “how much”, he told us free and he would throw in the champagne at cost. The DJ would cost $50. I found a beautiful dress on sale, exactly in my budget, requiring minimal alterations. Friends and family offered to provide finger foods. My maid-of-honor offered to make the cake and other desserts. On a tight budget, we ordered minimal flowers and hired a photographer to take a few after wedding pictures. God did not stop showering blessings. On the day of the wedding the florist showed up with many more flowers than we had ordered including red roses. Staring to worry about a potential issue, I went to talk to the florist who assured me there would be not extra cost. She had significantly over ordered for Valentine’s day and these were all extra. The photographer showed up pre-wedding. Again, I went to talk to him. He also assured me there would be no extra expense. Surprisingly, he had no other events, had extra time, and just decided to come photograph the entire wedding because he had nothing better to do. Finally, at the reception, the restaurant owner visited several times to check on us. Apparently he noticed our food ran out and started delivering appetizers from the restaurant assuring us there was no charge. It was his gift. I look back now and realize even while I denied Him, He knew me, cared for me, and was blessing me. I have met many Christians who might say that God has bigger things to focus on than a non-believer’s wedding details. I have learned that God (not the devil :) is in, and cares about, every detail of our lives!