Amazing Grace Colorado

Set Free—My Chains Are Gone!

Lessons From A Pile of Dirt

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we, as humans, can get very small in our thoughts? Well, I was in that small place. Life around me was going a bit crazy as thoughts of making ends meet, possibly moving, career changes, uncertainty in the church and our ministry swirled incessantly around me. Maybe, since all the big stuff wouldn’t stop making me dizzy, I needed to focus on a small non-moving target, the desire to have a garden. I had tried the previous year with limited success. My tomatoes experienced a hard frost days before ripening. The only seed I’d managed to get sprouted, Carl the Carrot (when there is only one you tend to take it personally), vanished mysteriously during the night when it was but a tender 2 inches tall. Read Moreā€¦