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Set Free—My Chains Are Gone!


Essence of Fellowship : One-Another
Christian fellowship (Koinonia) is an association, communion, fellowship, close relationship.

“to be God’s man and God’s woman, motivated, matured and equipped in the Spirit, doing God’s work in His way at the place of His appointment, together with His people”
John Morrison

“giving, receiving, and sharing of material or immaterial things on a personal basis between believers based on the common bond of Christ” J. Grant Howard. Read More…

Grace Givers

What is Grace?

What does it cost?

What does Grace do?

Grace Receivers = Know how much they’ve been forgiven [Sinful woman Lk 7:36,46-47].

Grace Growers = Bring grace out in others. God grows our faith by testing it. [Ja 1:2-4].

Grace Givers = Those who have received and now extend it. Like the sinful woman. Like Jesus. Read More…

Christian Love

And They’ll Know We Are Christians...

You know the next three words… BY OUR LOVE.

It’s a classic Sunday School song. Jesus coined this phrase John 13:35. Is it what people would say about your Christian faith? Why was this the command of Jesus instead of “keep the Sabbath” or “be good all the time”?
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But now faith, hope, love, abide these three...1 Cor 13:13a We often focus only on love because it is the greatest. But faith and hope are still in the top three! What’s so great about hope? Read More…

Why Doesn't God Eliminate Evil & Suffering

Why can’t we have this ‘heaven on earth’ now? If God is so powerful certainly He could do that. Read More…