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Why Should I Go To Church

How can you claim to be a Christ follower when you don’t go to church and worship? The Holy Spirit dwells within
every other believer at church. Why wouldn’t you want to be in the midst of that? Isn’t the whole entirety of the Bible centered around worship of the Lord? Each character’s life is recounted as it relates to worshipping the Lord. The end of the story is Heaven where the occupants are worshipping the Lord. The 1000 year reign of the Lord is about all of the nations coming to the mount to worship. What we attend and spend our time with indicates what is truly important to us.

Worship is... at the center of everything the church believes, practices, and seeks to accomplish.

You will find spiritual growth and encouragement.

In church you will hear the word of God and learn. Most people do not take the time to learn by themselves. Those who do find even more learning in a body of believers. You see and experience God working. Because of the corporate worship and learning experience, you will grow in your faith.

The church is a transforming fellowship that can change our lives and through us change society. God is worthy of our worship. Are these other activities as eternally worthy? (no) Yet we regularly attend them. God has ordained that everything we do and are will flow out of worship as byproducts of our fellowship with Him.

Romans 12:1 When the church is at worship, giving witness to God, what sacrifice should we bring? Ourselves. If my body belongs to the Lord, then I should be present when God’s people gather together to worship. All of the faculties of my body ought to be available there, for Him.

You will find a way to serve others and be served.

Worship is ... the believers response of all that he is—mind, emotions, will, body—to all that God is and says and does.

You say you like to worship by yourself. You make it about yourself rather than others—which is what Jesus wants us to do. The independent spirit is the opposite of what Jesus wants in us. Therefore, it is sin. It leads to pride, criticism, and competition. Most people who do not go to church sit on the sidelines criticizing the church. Often they put down the hypocrites that are there. They say the so-called members have a holier than thou attitude and they are the ones that hurt the no-longer-attending. So often the non-attender says they don’t like organized religion. Are they really saying they just don’t want to be told what to do? Are they saying that they want to dictate how the worship is done?

Hebrews 10:26 - We are admonished to not give up going to church. In the first century when that was written, believers were under physical threat and punishment. Yet, they were told to risk it and go. What is your excuse?
(a question not a condemnation)

We witness to the world when we go to church. It is what Christians do. Every religion has a gathering of some sort. Even organizations that are not overtly religious. What regular meetings and groups do you attend? Do you go to 4H? Do you go to board meetings? Are you part of a civic or service group? Do you go to the bar or nightclub each week? You are gathering with like-minded people for an activity. You become known by the group you attend regularly with. If you are an employee, you go to your job. If you are a hunter, you go hunting. Christ-followers go to church.

To Gain Spiritual Victory in Your Life

Life is a spiritual battle between good and evil. Without spiritual armor and fellow warriors, you will not be victorious.

You may feel your life is “just fine”. But you are wretched and naked and don’t even know it.

You may feel you don’t need the social club. You are mistaken about what church is about and what is important to Jesus.

You may be upset with God because He gave you your problems. This could be true, and if so, He has also given you a way out of them. It could also be true that you’ve allowed the devil to give you your problems.

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