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Set Free—My Chains Are Gone!

Top Excuses

I Don’t Have to go to Church to be a Christian...

  • If you are an employee, where do you go?
  • If you are sick where do you go?
  • If you are a hunter, where do you go?
  • So, if you’re a Christian, where do you go?

I Don’t Like Organized Religion...
- What do you really mean?

(I don’t like churches)(I have my own beliefs)

What are the facts about Jesus? He created church,
is the head of the church, will come for church, He died for the church.

I Worship by Myself or with My Family...
  • ~Will you be in heaven by yourself? Did Jesus only worship by Himself?
  • ~Worship in heaven is a group event. Earth should mimic it.
I Have My Own Beliefs...
~ What are they? What are the facts about Jesus? Which is Truth?

There Are Hypocrites At Church...

  • ~ Yes. And the sick are at the hospital..let us not judge one another. The Redeemed are at church. You?

I’m Busy on Sunday Morning & Wednesday...
  • ~ Understood. Is there anything more important than your relationship with God and others? What does that make it? (An idol).

The Church Only Wants My Money...
  • It’s God asking for you to give a portion of it back. He has given you 100% of it. You are His steward of that money.

Ok, I’ll come!....(but don’t) (Luke 14)
  • {Jesus told of 3 banquet excuses}Which one is yours?
  • bought land, need to look at it (possessions=idol)
  • bought oxen, need to try them out (work=idol)
  • just got married, so cannot come (pleasure=idol)
  • If refuse, won’t taste of His banquet.

Just not interested...
  • What are you interested in or passionate about?
  • Will they make your life count?
  • Who was the third greatest baseball player? richest? In the end, what does that get him?
  • Your interests have no eternal value. Will be burned up.

I attend another church...
- Consider ministering in your Jerusalem and come to your local church instead. See if it is where God has called you.

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