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Set Free—My Chains Are Gone!

Meet The New You

Who are you? Are you a construction worker or a government employee or a student? We’ve been programmed to think of identity as inseparable from behavior. But God doesn’t look at it that way. He doesn’t determine identity by behavior but by birth!

... a saint who has the life of Christ at the center of your being...

When you are reborn through Jesus, you are a new creation. You were once dead in your sins but now you have been made alive! Meet the new you! The Bible says you are a saint, God’s work of art, that you are righteous and holy—fully accepted by God.

Then why don’t I act like who I am? Why do people who are holy act unholy, struggling with sins constantly trying to overcome them? It is often because they see themselves as nothing more than a saved sinner trying to serve God. You are so much more! God has given you the righteousness of Christ when you were saved. You are a son or daughter of the Most High God.

With a proper understanding of your identity, you can cease living on the defensive fighting Satan and begin living on the offensive walking in the newness of your birth identity. Submit to God and the devil must flee. The direction we focus our eyes determines the steps of our feet.

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